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Here are a few photos from a Rug Cleaning Course that our technicians attended in the UK in 2016. They picked up a few new tips and techniques.  There are a wide range of different materials used when producing rugs, so there are also different methods needed when it come to cleaning them.















Vinyl Floors – Floor maintenance with The Cleaning Corporation

Do you have vinyl floors at your home or workplace?

Routine maintenance is essential to extend the lifespan and look of your floor. Together with regular hovering and mopping, your vinyl floorcovering needs to be scrubbed and polished to enhance its appearance and protect it from wear & tear. Depending on the amount of foot traffic your floor has, it should be deep cleaned and polished at least every other year.

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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Facts

Dirt and grit left in your carpets over time are abrasive, acting like sandpaper every time you step on your carpet you grind the dirt and grit into the fibres. This cuts into your carpet fibres and causes premature wear. So our advice to our customers and potential customers is to hoover your carpets regularly and get them professionally cleaned way before the stage that it’s obvious that they REALLY need professional cleaning. This will prolong the life of your carpets.

Some people believe once a carpet is cleaned it will get dirtier again more quickly. This is not true, over the last few years there have been major advancements in the equipment and methods of carpet and upholstery cleaning. Once upon a time, products like carpet shampoos would leave a residue in your carpet which would then attract soil, like shampooing your hair and not rinsing it out. With todays professional carpet cleaning methods and advanced equipment that we use at The Cleaning Corporation, chemicals are kept to a minimum, carpets and upholstery are thoroughly rinsed and left residue free and looking fabulous.


clean capet




A few photos of our Reach & Wash window cleaning system in use at McHale Park Castlebar.

Picture 066         

Picture 065





Here are some before and after photos of a marble floor we worked on.

Our client had tried various treatments to try and improve their problem marble floor, nothing seemed to work for them.

With the right training, equipment & chemicals your stubborn floor or carpet can have results like these.


Before  After


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