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 Did you know that 95% of all dirt found in the home comes from outside? This could be soil, dust, pollen and air pollution that enters your home and causes an endless cycle of cleaning, dusting and vacuuming. If it seems that you are continually losing a never-ending battle to the elements we suggest that you try out these helpful hints.

Keep the outside of your home as clean as possible. You can achieve this quite easily by sweeping sand, dirt, small stones and debris away from all your entrances on a regular basis. This will prevent anyone walking in dust and dirt into your home.

Use entrance mats. Did you know that a good quality entrance mat capture as much as a pound of dirt per square foot? This is far easier to remove from a mat than when it’s spread throughout your home. Use large, good quality mats both inside and outside and clean them often and thoroughly.

Use high filtration vacuum bags, treated dusters and dust mops, clean rags, clean wash water and clean wet mops to enhance the collection of all dust and dirt and prevent it from scattering throughout your home. This will make your cleaning more effective and longer lasting.