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Winter Cleaning

Winter cleaning is basically preparing for the cold weather and christmas. Here is a winter cleaning checklist you can follow to make this upcoming season clean and organised.

Cleaning the Chimney

A chimney fire can destroy your home and it’s entire contents. So before you light your fire get a proffessional chimney sweep to inspect your chimney

Inspect your Boiler

Have your boiler checked by a proffesional so it doesn’t end up working harder than necessary.

Sort Your Cupboards

Clear the shelves and throw old expired food away  and items that have gone bad or won’t be used. After you have gone through your shelves and taken everything out, wipe down all surfaces with a damp cloth and wipe dry. After this is done put all your items back in the cupboard in an organised fashion.

Cleaning Mattresses

Twice a year during the summer and winter months you should clean the matresses in your house to keep dust mites under control. Hoover both sides of the mattress and then under the mattress. For further protection against dust mites use a mattress protector and wash your sheets in hot water.