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What To Know When Cleaning A Carpet

How often do I need to vacuum.

That very much depends on the wear and tear on your carpets. For instance, if you have two children under five, a long-haired cat and a dog you may want to vacuum your carpet everyday to remove the animal hairs. However, if you live alone and are out of work all day, it will be enough to vacuum your carpet once a week.

Why do carpets need vacuuming.

Household dust, food, paper particles and other debris are deposited on the surface of your carpet pile all the time, these particles are small enough to sink down and cut into the pile of the carpet if they are left to accumulate. When this occurs the carpet displays areas of wear, so regular vacuuming extends the life of your carpet.

How to prepare a room for cleaning.

Pick up all the things that may slow down your vacuum cleaner or make it work less effectively. These are things that can wind themselves around the brushes such as string, elastic bands, hair bands or twine. The vacuum cleaner can cope with hair but you should quickly check the brushes before putting your vacuum cleaner away to check if they are clogged up. It is quite easy to remove the bits with a comb.

How to making the most of your vacuum cleaner.

Not all vacuum cleaners have bags, but a full bag cannot take any more dust is unnecessary change the Hoover bag. The areas of your room that need the most attention are the areas where people sit, this is the two reasons in the first place the weight of the chair makes a indent ┬áin the carpet and allows dust to build up immediately around it because it is difficult to get the Hoover right next to it. The second reason is people’s feet squashed down the pile and trap the dust particles below. It is always good carpet cleaning practice to pay special attention at least once a month to areas that are hard to reach. If possible move the furniture, if not remove the end attachment from your vacuum cleaner and run the nozzle around fixed objects such as radiator pipes.

How to clean a carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

Separate the room into four rectangles start with the rectangle furthest away from the door and clean by using criss-cross or traverse directions rather than using the straight line. The act of attacking the dirt from two different than angles allows the natural suction of the vacuum cleaner to work. Do not vacuum rapidly, by taking a little more time you allow the suction to extract a greater proportion of the dust.