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carpet & upholstery cleaning

Please view the accreditation section for Carpet & Upholstery Technical Competence.


The Cleaning Corporation provide both residential and commercial services. We can also provide a maintenance programme for you if required. “Imagine you could have beautifully clean carpets and upholstery all year round”


We can provide you with Deep Cleaning and Protection for all your

  • Carpets
  • Rugs
  • Upholstery and Soft Furnishings
  • Leather Furniture Cleaning & Renovation
  • Specialist rug cleaning service, with collection and delivery if required


Our Truckmounted Extraction Cleaning System is state of the art Millennium Technology for Deep Cleaning Carpets.


  • Ideal for a really deep clean where accessibility is not a problem
  • No machinery indoors
  • Drying time is reduced due to powerful extraction
  • No need for electricity
  • Reduced noise as engine runs outside and is muffle exhausted through the floor of vehicle
  • Engine has been converted and runs on LPG a much cleaner, environmentally friendly alternative to petrol or diesel- no odour.
  • Eco friendly technology with superb results.


Portable Extraction Cleaning


Portable Extraction Cleaning – our twin vacuum commercial cleaning system also gives a really deep clean – similar to the truckmount. It is ideal in situations where accessibility with a truckmount is not possible and is often the preferred method of cleaning for upholstery cleaning. The job takes a little longer to complete but the final cleaning results are the same. The ‘Advance’ system with its high air-flow and solution pressure delivers unparalleled portable cleaning performance – add this together with the large capacity tanks the ‘Advance’ makes light work of both domestic and commercial cleaning. We also have a ‘high-pressure’ option, which offers hard floor cleaning, making the ‘Advance’ the perfect cleaning machine. With an Advance Portable Machine in place, every cleaning need in any area can be catered for.


Texatherm Cleaning


This unique process allow us to safely attain superior results normally only associated with deep wet cleaning, whilst delivering all the benefits you would expect from a dry cleaning system.


Texatherm has been approved by Interface Europe and other leading carpet manufacturers. The Texatherm process solutions have been tested and are safe for use on wool.


The system achieves superb results on both domestic and commercial carpets. The cleaning of low profile commercial carpet tiles has always proved difficult as the lack of airflow often leaves much of the dirt behind. The unique Texatherm System uses an exothermic reaction created by mixing two solutions and combining it with a heated pad. This creates a capillary action which in turn causes the oil film and dirt that is bound to the fibre to wick from the base to the surface where it can be absorbed by the pads.


Main Benefits Include:


  • Dry in 30 minutes
  • Cleans, disinfects and applies anti-static coating
  • Guaranteed not to stretch, shrink or split seams
  • Low moisture levels
  • Reduction in cleaning time
  • Leaves no resoiling sticky residues
  • Environmentally friendly
  • PH neutral carpet on completion
  • Low noise levels
  • Cleaning, Protection and Treatments


Carpets, fabrics and upholstery can be treated as follows:


• Stainshield – a barrier that is applied to help prevent staining

• Anti- Static Shield – a treatment very useful for the office environment, helps prevent staining and static build up.

• Flea and Moth Treatment – when a carpet is infested it is essential that it receives a course of treatments and is required as quickly as possible.